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Brother likes it quiet...

Fetishes are something that you really can't judge people on. What might totally normal and sexy to me might be extremely disgusting and revolting to you.

We all have our fantasies - I personally love man in suits with hot underwear on. A friend of mine loves to lick mens intimate parts when its salty and sweaty (eeww)

This is all ok because what we do behind 4 walls is no one businesses - sex is meant to be dirty. But when does it come to the point that it starts being not ok?

Bestiality? Pain? 50 shades of Gray? (such a boring book by the way...)

On my run around the world looking for love with all the wrong men, I went to the sauna in Melbourne extremely horny. Just needed to get off - one of those days. I was standing by the big screen watching some hot porno when this really hot guy comes next to me and stands really close..he pulls his thing out and starts playing with it beside me ..I'm not complaining .. it was hot...

He then started talking - which is fine by me.. I liek some dirty talking...

He complimented me on the size of my tool, my hair on my body...and then he suddenly said "Oh I wish we were brothers".

I just thought to myself... "What?"

He then started going if we were brothers we would be doing this all the time, I would go to your room and play with

you in the middle of the night, I would never tell mum and daddy, please brother, please...

I just turned around and shushed his mouth and said -"Sorry love but brother likes it quiet please".

Yes - Awkward and very funny moment. But it got me thinking - is it because people in Australia are so sexually closed about their emotions? Did something in his childhood happened with an uncle or something to make him turn out like this?

I couldn't help but judge! But why was I judging? I read once that despite being a horrible thing that i think is extremely wrong, pedophiles don't think they are doing something wrong - it is what they are attracted to. In their head is ok. So for this man - in his head was incest was ok?

It started me thinking at a whole lot of things that people are not ok with - how society create all these rules and makes us think what is right and what is wrong - what we must and must not do. And it affects us way more than just sex but work, life, relationships, friendships...

So I ask you - what is right and what is wrong for you in sex?

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