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We no Speak Americano!

On my search for love in all the wrong places in this big bear website I met this american gentleman who looked very sexy and interesting - whoever said "pictures are worth a thousand words" also forgot that pictures can lie!

We chatted for months and builded up such an anticipation - again i builded the idea in my head, but this time was even worst as I had never even met or heard him before.

Do you know when you meet someone and their voice does not match to their body or face?

He looked manly and goodlooking but the voice was pitchy and slightly girly - can't believe I'll say this but it was too gay! ( yes there is such thing..)

Despite this my lower head thought more than the one above my neck and I couldn't help but be a horny bugger and go for it.

Why is it that man have a fascination about their penis size? When talking online he said he was 8" inches and very well hung - but he just made me hung up on the idea- it looked like a small chipolata sausage not very well cooked.

It got me thinking how sometimes human beings speak the same language but we don't seem to understand each other? Does this has to do with having a "connection"?

Sex was messy and turned off - my mind was in the bills i had to pay, if the sheets in the bed had been cleaned, did I buy the right stuff I need in the supermarket? I was a thousand miles away from where I was - so near yet so far - how poetic.

I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and Homolicious (gay shizle manizle). But I didn't seem to be able to speak American. How do you tell someone exactly what you need so that he or she can fully satisfy you and also vice versa?

A vision came to my head - like as if it was a business meeting. We set up a contract stipulating rules of what you can or can't do - if those rules are not followed you are disqualified for a "second interview".

Or should just have a conversation? If feels slightly awkward what if in the heat of the moment suddenly the person does the thing you ask him not to do and starts to apologise and cry? ( This has happened to someone before...).

Following the not so good encounter, I decided to arrange another rendezvous with the lovely slightly gay American to see if maybe it was just first time nerves from his part or my head just wasn't in it.

That was = Disaster. Bad sex is worst than being horny and not having sex.

No wonder I kept searching for the one who can speak the same language as me.

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